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Software for Download

Lilmonster's LogMeIn Support
All software below is here for your convenience.
Any and all technical support comes from the maker of the software.
In other words, Don't Call Me For Support on this Software
Virus Protection

Avast Antivirus runs on your machine at all times, and it's free.
AVG Free Antivirus is a good program but I can't find a free version anymore.
Online Virus Scan by Trend Micro.

System Protection
Spybot Search & Destroy does just that to Spyware.
Malwarebytes is the perfect companion to spybot.
Stop Pop-Ups with Pop-Up Stopper Pro. (XP pre-IE7)
Helper Programs
Backup your entire system with Second Copy 7.
Tweak your XP Interface with Tweak UI XP.(44k)
Run AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN messanger with Trillian.
Manage your Files with Powerdesk 7.(34mg)
Defrag XP with O&O Defrag V10 Pro.(12.7mg)
Stop WGA from calling microsoft every day with RemoveWGA.(10k)
Special Patches for XP
XP system not detecting your CDRom? Try this Patch from Dell.
Daylight Savings Patch Click Here
This is suppose to be the patch for the recent XP system hang, Click Here
LMDomains DIY Center
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